Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thinking thin is in!

You know how I'm working on interviewing skinny chicks and then putting all of their answers about how they live with food into this blog (and hopefully a book). Well, it looks like I'm on to something. Here's a great article on how to think like thin women in Natural Health. It makes many of the points the women I'm interviewing are saying: they habitually eat a certain way they know works for them, they think of daily activity as part of their exercise routine, they really think about what works for them in terms of food and stick to it, they get enough sleep as a rule, etc.

On another point, I'm officially swearing off eating any food from restaurants that also have a drive-through window. My beloved, wonderful nephew Jordan is being shipped off to  Iraq again and so I'm going to take a sort of Lenten-inspired time off of certain kinds of food.  I know it doesn't seem like much of a sacrifice since I'm trying to eat better, but it allows me to think about him any time I pass a fast-food restaurant. Interested in joining me?

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